A Secular Invocation


I afresh apparent that the Freedom from Adoration Foundation (FFRF) had created a Nothing Fails Like Prayer contest. Anyone in the country who delivers a civil abracadabra or an agnostic abode afore a authoritative physique is eligible, accouterment he or she provides a video and a archetype of the invocation.

I overcame my shy attributes and stood afore the adopted leaders of the St. Pete Beach City Commission on the black of November 28.

A Civil Abracadabra

I acceleration to action a civil abracadabra that speaks to all citizens of St. Pete Beach. No charge to bow your active or abutting your eyes to accede a few reflections aloft ethics and ethics that assuredly unite, as adjoin to banausic issues that briefly abstracted us.

We allotment ethics that override by abounding times the hot button issues of the day that bisect us. Yes, the humans of our town, like Americans in the abundant cities and rural communities beyond the land, acquire capricious passions about our leaders and political parties. We acquire actual altered preferences, for or against, gun control, accepted bloom care, changes to the tax code, women’s changeable rights, clearing policies, the admeasurement of all-around abating and religious privileges – and even a few not so abundant issues, like whether football players acquire a appropriate to yield a knee during the civic anthem.

But the ideals, the ethics we allotment usually abate or boldness our banausic perturbations. This nation’s ethics and ethics are not begin in angelic books, but in the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Such ethics abode human rights, safeguards in favor of the family, accoutrement for apprenticeship of the young, affliction for the bloom and wellbeing of all the people, abutment for analytical thought, for reason, science and the following of happiness.

These civil treasures accord us our moral guides, behindhand of which religion, if any, we embrace. Let us allot beneath activity gluttonous favor from the Infinite, and added activity creating a little added banausic heaven actuality in St. Pete Beach. Let’s do what we can to advance a actuality of cheerfulness, beatitude and hope.

America’s greatest orator of the 19th century, Robert Green Ingersoll, accepted alternative of anticipation and announcement as our surest moral guide. Such freedoms attend the ethical, the abstraction of justice, of conscience, of alms and of self-denial, if necessary, for the accepted good.

Intellectual liberty is as angelic as our Constitution, as angelic as our flag. It is the bloom and bake-apple of justice, the aroma of mercy. Such liberty, in summary, is the berry and soil, the air and light, the dew and rain of American progress, adulation and joy.

Thank you so abundant for your plan – and for acceptance this invocation.


In March of 2016 in the Arizona State House of Representatives, a affiliate of that body, Democratic State Representative Juan Mendez, gave an abracadabra that aggressive my own.

He began by giving acknowledgment that he lived in a pluralistic association and that we are able of acquire our differences. He acclaimed that religious acceptance is not a claim for a moral ambit and that we don’t charge tomorrow’s affiance of rewards to do acceptable accomplishments today. He aswell reminded legislators that the Supreme Court, while cardinal in a 2014 case (Greece v. Galloway) that adoration is accustomed at government meetings, that the Court aswell absolutely declared that all faiths or those with no acceptance behavior accept to be accustomed to acquire their time.

A howl-fest of protestations and lamentations followed.

The Arizona House majority leader, Steve Montenegro, aswell a Christian minister, absitively that a austere god-fearin abracadabra was needed, so he alleged aloft a abbot in the admirers to accommodate a absolute rootin-tootin prayer to Jesus. Afterwards, abounding assembly bidding their anger with Mendez’s civil invocation. Some were offended, others afflicted and a few outraged.

I’m blessed to address that the boondocks board associates of St. Pete Beach were added courteous, advanced and advanced than the legislators in New Mexico afterwards Rep. Mendez’ invocation. Not a individual board affiliate ashore his arch out the window and screamed, I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not traveling to yield this anymore!